Custom Contact Fields And Tags

Trevvo starts you out with a set of standard contact fields. You can create additional contact fields like gender, industry, etc. that pertain to your business. Custom tags can be created like "Store Owners", "Wholesalers", etc. to make Trevvo your own.


Follow-up reminders can be set using friendly options like "in 2 weeks, in 1 month, etc." Upcoming follow-ups are displayed on your Trevvo homepage.

Trevvo Drop

You live in your inbox and that's where your conversations with business associates happen. You can CC Trevvo on your emails or send emails to Trevvo to add those contacts in your account. Include drop tags like ~f and ~t in your email and see the magic happen.

Deal Pipelines

Pipeline Stages

Track deals as visual pipelines in each workspace. Use default pipeline stages or create your own. Move contacts across stages as the deals progress.

Assign & Track Deals

Assign deals to team members. See how deals are progressing and where more or less focus is needed. Monitor your won/lost ratio and sales performance.


SmartForms Customization/Design

Choose from existing smartforms templates or build fully customized business SmartForms by picking field types (text, numbers, dropdown, checkboxes, calculations, etc.) and defining smartform permissions. Use SmartForms to manage business data or to create custom workflows for your team.

Embeddable Forms

Create new entries from the smartform page or extract the smartform form to embed on websites. Data from form submissions flows into your smartform. Select who to notify when new form entries are received.

Contact SmartForms

Create SmartForms of contacts to track leads, deals, client/supplier relations and more. Entries received through smartform forms get converted to contacts automatically (great for new leads). Track upcoming follow-ups from within contact SmartForms. This is powerful stuff!

SmartForm Permissions And Hidden Fields

Control access and visibility of your SmartForms. Restricted SmartForms only let users see their own submissions. Grant permissions to add/edit/delete items in a smartform. Hidden fields are not displayed on smartform submission form. Bring it all together to tailor your business processes.


Invoices & Payments

Send custom branded invoices online or download as PDF. Import timesheet entries for painless client billing. Monitor overdue payments and manage rates for products and services.


Agreed to issue a credit to a client? Simply record it in Trevvo and get prompted the next time you create an invoice for this client to include the adjustment. Stay on top of outstanding credit liabilities.


Record paid and unpaid bills and manage expense buckets in Trevvo. Analyze where your money is going, make adjustments and raise the bottom line.


Task Timelines And Percentage Completion

Assign deadlines to tasks and see what tasks are running behind. Track the percentage completions of tasks using easily to see line graphs within the tasklist view.


Log time to Tasks and keep track of each team member's hours. Use Timesheet Analyzer to see where your company time is being spent and what tasks are becoming bottlenecks.

CC Users On Tasks

Assign tasks to a single user and CC other users so that they will be notified of all updates to this task. A great way to keep team members informed with what's relevant to them.


File Organization

Keep your files organized in folders. Each file in a folder gets a unique number so it can be referenced easily in comments. Upload multiple files with a single click.

File Feedback And Selection

Files within a folder are displayed in a chronological order with folder comments. Along with providing an intuitive layout, this enables easy file feedback cycles where files are uploaded to invite feedback, and revised files are uploaded again.


Activity Feeds

Use workspaces to group contacts, SmartForms, tasks and files into workspaces. Select users to add to each workspace to begin collaborating. See what's happening in each Workspace with facebook style activity feeds.

Share Contacts

If you don't want users within a Workspace to be able to view your account contacts (clients, vendors, leads, etc.) simply turn contact sharing off in that workspace. You are always in control.